Our Services
PDG’s Cost Mitigation Services offer disability insurers and administrators a turnkey and cost-effective means for timely identification and recovery of past, ongoing and prospective Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault and third party liability payments.

Our focused expertise and specialized technology enable us to identify and capture Deductible Income sources resulting in millions of dollars in annual savings for our clients through increased offsets and recoveries.
Past Benefit Impact
  • Identify past and ongoing lump sum or periodic payments from Workers’ Compensation, No-Fault and third party liability claims.
  • Secure documentation detailing claimants’ receipt of Deductible Income benefits.
  • Enable the disability insurer to calculate and pursue recovery of resulting overpayments and/or offsets against future disability plan payments.
Future Benefit Impact
  • Identify and monitor claims with potential future settlement or judgment that may yield Deductible Income proceeds.
  • Place plaintiff’s attorney, defendant carriers and defense attorneys on notice of lien to protect our client’s interest in potential future recovery.
  • Monitor the claim through resolution and negotiate the maximum recoverable amount.
  • Forward the recovered funds to client.
The PDG Process
  • Unlike other recovery firms, we do not simply apply the hard and fast rules of health care subrogation in the disability context. Instead, we employ highly trained disability recovery specialists and attorneys who understand the nuances of disability insurance.
  • We identify past and current receipt of Deductible Income benefits for our clients’ adjudication of overpayments and/or offsets.
  • Attorney oversight of all claims.
  • We utilize a purposefully built technology platform specifically designed to manage disability subrogation claims.
  • We offer a secure Web portal that enables clients to make referrals and view claim status.